Tact for Android – Beta

A character from the movie Prometheus famously re-quoted a line from an older classic, "Big things have small beginnings.” That character’s name was David 8, played by Michael Fassbender. David 8 was an Android.   Big things indeed have small beginnings. Today, we're proud to announce the beta launch of Tact for Android . This marks the beginnings of a new chapter for us as a company, and helps us to realize our dream of creating a more effective salesflow that our iPhone users have … Continue Reading

Tactile Sales Index 2014

New Research Reveals Dissatisfaction with Conventional CRM; Salespeople Take Matters into Their Own Hands   Introduction Selling is the foundation of business success in virtually every industry, leading most companies to invest heavily in tools that help their salespeople sell more. According to analyst firm, Gartner, enterprise software is a $142.8B market with customer relationship management (CRM) driving $20.4B alone. Despite this expenditure, conventional sales solutions require … Continue Reading

What these 6 CEOs learned from working at Salesforce

Our CEO Chuck Ganapathi was in great company in this week's post on CiteWorld.com. Erika Morphy asks six Salesforce executives who have gone on to start their own companies 'What they learnt from working at Salesforce?' Here is an excerpt: Less has been said, though, about the generation of new tech executives cultivated by Salesforce. In many ways the company has become a de facto training ground in this industry -- much like Oracle was in the 1990s. Read the full post at CiteWorld.com … Continue Reading

A Back-to-Basics Guide to CRM Adoption

According to Gartner, $5billion is invested each year in CRM, however, companies are still faced with low adoption rates. In 2014, less than 37% of sales reps said they used their CRM system (source: CSO insights) Our founder and CEO Chuck Ganapathi, shares a few ways to tackle this problem: The path to success actually starts with a lesson you learned as a kid—be considerate. Later in life, this virtue takes many forms—empathy, understanding others' viewpoints, flexibility in various … Continue Reading

Tact Settings

Whether you want to add your Salesforce account , change your Tact password or find the app version, you can do these and more under Settings. Here is a quick overview: Access Settings on the Conversations screen in 3 simple steps. Notifications Let Tact manage your meetings, tasks, and follow ups by using notifications to prompt you at the right time. Capture Meetings: Tact prompts you to capture the essentials after a meeting and log to Salesforce to keep your manager … Continue Reading